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Liability Clause & Warranty Policy

1. Vintage Speed will not accept liability in the event of mis-use or mis-handling of our products

2. Stock engine with stock Single Solex Carb, requires increment on

idle jet and main jet to set up correct air fuel ratio.

For example

- If you have 55 idle jet,
you will need 60 idle jet

- If you have 115 main jet,
you will need 120 main jet

3. Incorrect set up of air fuel ratio may cause overheat on muffler, which can cause crack on welding point.

PLEASE make sure your air fuel ratio is set up correctly. Cracks caused by incorrect air fuel ratio WON’T apply to warranty.

4. Exterior damage does not apply to warranty

5 Only qualified and certified technical specialists should be involved in the installation and assembly of our product

Warranty Exchange / Return

1. For exhausts, please provide photos of the muffler from multiple angles, down, up , left, and right.

2. If there’s rattling sound in your muffler, please provide a video showing the rattling sound.

- remove the muffler, shake the muffler by hand
- remove the muffler, hit the muffler with rubber hammer

3. Please provide your original purchase receipt (we do not provide replacement for second hand owners)

4. Please provide product ID number

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